Where to Find the Best Halloween Decorations in LA

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Are you looking for truly macabre Halloween decorations in Los Angeles? Thanks to a friend’s tip (shout out to Michele and Larry!), Andy and I discovered the horrifying wonders of Crescenda St in Brentwood (take North Barrington from Sunset, and you can’t miss the turn). If you love all things Halloween, this is your spot.


Why is it special? It’s entire block of horror-inspired scenes. Some are original set-ups that dig into childhood fears (and childhood toys) to inspire awe. Other tableaus evoke very specific classic films (and yes, The Exorcist is one of them).

The decorations appear to be the doing of one very festive house, and they run the entirety of the block. There is parking, but please be careful as people are constantly stopping and walking toward the decorations to check out the details.

We went at sunset, but you can tell that the Halloween decorations have lighting staged for nighttime. There is a rope so that people don’t get too close, but you can see every detail from the curb. And don’t forget to look up – you’ll be stunned by the size and scope of the giant ghouls, warriors and devils swooping down from the treetops.

It was impossible to take photos of everything with the time we had, but here are a few of my favorites to get you inspired to go check out the incredible display of Halloween madness here in LA.

For scale, Andy is in the corner, and stands at 6’3″. That’s how huge those statues and floating apparitions are!


Have you seen any memorable Halloween displays in Los Angeles this year? Let me know in the comments!

3 Replies to “Where to Find the Best Halloween Decorations in LA”

  1. Hi Patricia! It’s Larry of Larry and Michele fame. Thanks so much for posting the excellent photos of the Halloween decorations. We were driving back to Burbank from Santa Monica on October 11th when a rerouting for traffic on Sunset took us down Crescenda as the ghoulish scenes were just being set up. I hated myself later for not taking any photos or video, so I really appreciate your posting so many pictures here. Glad you and Andy enjoyed it!!!

    1. Hi! We loved it! I used to feel pretty proud of myself when I managed to put a witch sticker on my window. I can’t imagine how long that took to conceive of and then create. Incredible!

  2. These scenes give me spooky nostalgic November. Though they look creepy, yet, surely interesting. These may be one of the best spooky picture I’ve ever seen, great job to the maker. I wonder how long does it take to create these Halloween decorations.

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