Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Travel, Those Someday Goals

Discover the Charms of Chagrin Falls, Ohio

The afternoon began with a drive through winding, rural roads in Ohio. From horse farms to working farms, to upscale estates, we enjoyed getting a glimpse into a life quite different from the one we are living in Los Angeles. But it wasn’t until we came upon the charming village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio that we were compelled to explore.


Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Travel, Those Someday Goals


While technically a suburb of Cleveland, it is only 25 miles (or so) away from downtown, Chagrin Falls feels like a world unto itself. The pace is slower, and the interactions are friendly. You will see people greeting each other on the street and the photos of players from the local high school’s sports teams in the windows of the businesses on Main Street. And just as you are taking in the beauty of the historic buildings and community feeling, you hear it. You hear the rushing of the water.


Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Travel, Those Someday Goals


In the midst of the town runs the Chagrin River, and its now famous falls greet the curious on either side of the bridge that connects the north and south sides of town. Green park space runs along the river, as do restaurants and other businesses. They are perfectly positioned to offer their patrons not only delicious food and boutique items but pretty fantastic views.

What should you do with only an hour or two to visit?

Start by walking down Main Street. The businesses right on the street seemed to be largely independent /locally-owned shops and restaurants. From Rick’s Cafe to clothing boutiques, you’ll notice the friendly vibe and the fact that many of the proprietors know their clients by name.


Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Travel, Those Someday Goals


Head for the river. There’s a path that runs through the park and along the river. It’s not far, and it is well-arranged so that the path is not a challenging one to navigate. It looked like a carnival was being packed up at the end of the park, while kids cavorted on the playground. When we came to the logical stopping point, rather than going back the same way, we followed the side path up to the local library and then out to the side street to continue our explorations.


Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Travel, Those Someday Goals

Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Travel, Those Someday Goals, Library



Investigate the historic homes. Once out on the side street, we became aware of exactly how many restored homes were around us. Gorgeous specimens from the mid-1800s to early 1900s lined the street, and, in fact, can be found throughout the town. Chagrin Falls was incorporated in 1844, so it should not have been a surprise, and yet, we delighted in each one.


Jekylls, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Travel, Those Someday Goals


Stop for a drink or nosh by the river. We chose Jekyll’s Kitchen as our spot. They do have dinner servings down on a patio that overlooks the river, as well as access to look-out points for those who just want to take a moment and breathe it all in. Happy Hour was incredibly reasonable (I think my wine was only $4), and we took it upstairs to enjoy the people watching (there is also an upstairs patio near a fireplace for brisk fall evenings).


Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Travel, Those Someday Goals


If you have more time, be sure to check out the village website and plan your visit around one of the many community events. Don’t be surprised if it feels a little like stepping back into time – in the best possible way.


Note: Chagrin Falls will always be one of my favorite places because we plotted here about our engagement announcement.

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