Harmony California Near Cambria Population Under 200

Find Harmony near Cambria, California

Harmony, California is just minutes from Cambria but has a rich history all of its own. With a population said to be between 8 and 11, this tiny town on the Central Coast welcomes all visitors to its glassworks, winery, chapel and picture-perfect views. We were destined to include it in our series on towns with a population under 200.

I can’t tell you how many times Andy and I have driven by the sign for Harmony, California on our way to nearby Cambria on the Central Coast. We were intrigued by two things: its reported population of 11, and its tempting winery. So, when we decided to spend several days in Cambria, it seemed only fitting that we finally explore Harmony.

Love Cow Harmony California Near Cambria Population Under 200
The Harmony Love Cow!

Harmony, California History

Harmony was founded in 1869, and it grew around the active dairy in town. While that might not sound like an exciting beginning, the early days saw feuds between the dairy farmers, a shooting death and an eventual truce. The truce in 1907 saw a flurry of activity and the growth of places like the feed store, post office, a school, the blacksmith and more.

The dairy was famous in the area, catching the attention of William Randolf Hearst as he traveled to the ranch/castle. With his interest came the interest of his famous friends also making their way to the castle in San Simeon.

Alas, the dairy moved to a bigger town, and Harmony declined. Most businesses closed except for the post office. There have been some starts and stops over the years to restore Harmony to its former glory. I can’t say that it’s a bustling center of activity now, but there are plenty of reasons to visit. And we can’t help but hope that great days are ahead.

Harmony California Near Cambria Population Under 200
This history of Harmony, California painted on the side of a building

Harmony Glassworks

Would you love to learn glassblowing techniques? You can learn with the best in Harmony at the Harmony Glassworks.  If you’d prefer to admire rather than create, it is also a fantastic place to shop for vases, sculptures, jewelry and more. Andy bought me a lovely ring with shades of blue glass that is both delicate and bold. It’s one of my favorite pieces from our travels.

Harmony Glass Works, Harmony California Near Cambria Population Under 200
Harmony Glassworks will tempt you with their beautiful vases, jewelry and more.

The Glassworks also stores the typical souvenir pieces, like sweatshirts and t-shirts. Yes, I have a t-shirt with the population sign on the front as proof of our journey.

Harmony Chapel

You can feel the romance here, can’t you? If you want a ceremony and reception with a Western vibe (or a wine country theme to go with the Central Coast location), Harmony should definitely be in the running. You and your guests could stay in Cambria (which is about two minutes away) and come into the town for the celebrations. When you look at the photo, can’t you picture people spilling out of the chapel into the town for an outdoor reception? It’s a bit of a romantic notion, but if you are talking about weddings, romantic ideas seem fitting.

Harmony Chapel, Weddings Harmony California Near Cambria Population Under 200
I can only imagine how fun a wedding would be in Harmony, California.

Harmony Cellars

We first heard about Harmony Cellars when we were on our honeymoon in Paso Robles, California (it’s an easy drive). The owner of High Ridge Manor told us that we had to try their wine, so it had been in the back of our minds for the last two years. 

Harmony Cellars wine tasting Harmony California Near Cambria Population Under 200
While wine was on our minds at Harmony Cellars, the cute dog got Andy’s attention.

I’m delighted we took his advice. It’s a charming place with a popular wine tasting room, ample outdoor seating (complete with bucolic views) and a great event space (there was a birthday party and another event on the weekend after we arrived). Also, it’s dog-friendly, so if you are traveling with your furry best friend, you can still enjoy this place.

Harmony Cellars Wine Tasting Harmony California Near Cambria Population Under 200
Time for a wine tasting at Harmony Cellars near Cambria, California!

Loads of foodstuffs can be bought here to pair with the wines, and there are many souvenir items for sale. The wine tastings are very popular, but they handle the volume with good humor. The winery has a club, and they do ship nationwide. They have twilight hours on Fridays during the summer, which combines charm and delicious pours. Their wines change all the time, but I was a fan of the dark berry goodness of the Petite Sirah and the chocolate/cherry notes of the Treble. They have whites and roses as well, but my heart (and taste buds) lean toward red wines.

Harmony Cellars, Wine Tasting Harmony California Near Cambria Population Under 200
Harmony Cellars has loads of outdoor seating, perfect for events
Harmony California Near Cambria Population Under 200
The views of Harmony, California from the patio of Harmony Cellars.

So, if you find yourself going up Highway 1 toward Cambria, California, consider visiting the picture-perfect town of Harmony. You may find yourself tempted to return to this town of population 11 (or 8) again and again.

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  1. Harmony sounds like a peaceful place and would love to come here to chill out, sit outside in the sunshine and sample the locals wine. Starting to love Californian wine even more now (do I dare say I think its better than French wine as I am English…hmmmmm)

  2. So cool to see a blog post on Harmony. It was one of our stops when we visited Cambria. We chased cow statues all around the area. But we did love the ones in Harmony. We are sorry we did not get to stop at the Harmony Glassworks. And we had no idea there that was Harmony Cellars. Maybe because we were there early on a Sunday. I guess we need to go back next time we are in California. And increase the population for the day!

    1. My guess is that they get a lot of support from neighboring Cambria, but this little town is determined to make its mark once again.

  3. Oh man! While I myself don’t drink, I’ve always loved just lazing about in a wine valley simply because of the view. Harmony sounds like the perfect place just for that. Considering the location (between LA & SF), the views, the place and the number of population, I’d move here on the spot if I were an American! The plus point to this is that I could always say, “I live in Harmony” to anyone who asks. 🙂

  4. There is a place called Harmony?! How cute is that?! I want to live there – I want to live in Harmony – like everyone else does 😀 Besides the name, it also sounds like a lovely little place. When I ever go back to the US, I certainly will visit there.

  5. I love finding unique spots like this. I travel the coast often and it sounds like a great mother daughter trip. The chocolate cherry times of the Treble at the winery are a must taste. I would love to try glassblowing, this would be a great spot to do it

  6. I love California but never even heard about Harmony. Living up to its name, the place looks like a peaceful retreat. For my next visit to the region, I would love to explore this region and sample some local wine.

  7. Harmony seems like a beautiful peaceful countryside. I would definitely love to try their wines, sitting outside admiring those countrysides. Buying souvenirs from Harmony glassworks will be super high on my list. Their Chapel is really cute and surely gives a romantic feeling.

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