Playing the 30-Day Minimalism Game: Week 3

Today is officially Day 24 of the 30-Day Minimalism Game. Alas, my game play game to an end on the 22ndday. I loved doing it and found it very motivating, but the miscellaneous, low-hanging fruit items have left the building, and now I need some time to make decisions.

In total, 230 items were either donated, sold (to Buffalo Exchange—which rocks) or trashed. I find that amazing! Magazines, old maps and memorabilia joined a sea of address labels, random pieces to electronics that I no longer own and unworn clothes in this experiment. 

As for going forward, I want to focus on rearranging our office to make it a much more useable and collaborative space. And I don’t want it to become the storage room for stuff. I still want to tackle the utility room, which does have bins of things that could probably use a review (okay, definitely). But I would like to sell some things, and that takes some extra time. Also, I want to work with Andy as we approach communal areas.

I loved doing this, and I’m going to keep you informed about next steps. I’m thinking about doing a clothing challenge, and I’ll reveal more about what that looks like soon. I’d love to hear if you have ever done one of these decluttering/reorganization challenges. I’m also looking for inspiration from The Minimalists, as well as you all!