Hearst Ranch Winery Horse in Field

Talking to the Animals Near Hearst Ranch Winery

Terrific food and wine are yours to savor at Sebastian’s, inside Hearst Ranch Winery in historic San Simeon. But it is more than just a delight for epicureans, this Central Coast spot near Cambria, California also boast some pretty friendly animals. And they were too cute not to get their own special blog post.

Hearst Castle Hearst Winery Ranch
We love sitting outside under the umbrellas taking in the sea air and enjoying the terrific food. And yes, we always encounter an animal friend or two.
Hearst Castle Hearst Winery Ranch
And sometimes the bird friends want to relieve you of your French fries.

Oddly enough, one of the best places to talk to the animals is the parking lot of Sebastian’s. It sits adjacent to the private property that makes up historic San Simeon. In the distance, you can see the one-room schoolhouse and lush fields. You can also see horses grazing more often than not. While you aren’t allowed to feed them, and they warn you off from petting them, the horses will come over to see what you are doing if you linger long enough at the sign that explains the beginnings of San Simeon, California.

Horses San Simeon
Horse San Simeon California Hearst Winery
The horse was very interested in hearing Andy’s views on the world.
Horse San Simeon Hearst Winery
Okay, the horse may have been more interested in reviewing the sign that either reveals the history of San Simeon or the sign that suggests you shouldn’t feed the horse. My guess is that the horse disagrees with the “no feeding” policy.

Hope this helped you start your Monday off with a smile.