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It is Day Number “What Are You Drinking?” of Coronavirus Isolation

While we have been cautious in limiting our deliveries and curbside pick-ups, Coronavirus quarantine has not stopped us from trying new wines. Our local shop features small producers and sustainable growers, and we like the idea of supporting these businesses. We have enjoyed some old favorites, but our wine club orders have allowed us to try some new options. And we have definitely found some that have delighted. We thought we would share some of our white wine discoveries, in case you are also searching for something to drink during your next happy hour zoom meet-up.

Aba de Trasumia Albariño Rias Baixas

This always had a chance of delighting me because I’m always going to try an Albariño. Andy is less of a fan of this varietal, but even he gave it the thumbs up. A tiny growing cooperative makes it, and you don’t find it in a lot of wine stores, but it is worth looking. I liked its acidity, and I got some delicate notes of apples and stone fruit, without the stone fruit overwhelming. If you are a seafood fan, this is probably a good pairing with that. We actually had it with chips and homemade guacamole and found it delightfully refreshing.

Skin Contact Sauvignon Blanc 2019 from Koehnen Wine Company

This is a weird wine. And if you like trying something that you are unlikely to run across accidentally, you’ll love this find. Andy and I both enjoy Sauvignon Blanc wines, particularly when it is sweltering outside, and this one is incredibly refreshing. Sunset Magazine gave the nod to one of their earlier wines, and it looks like they have just gotten better. A very small producer, this Sauvignon Blanc is as citrusy as you would expect. For me, it veered toward grapefruit notes rather than lemons, but it wasn’t as sour as you would expect. And, believe it or not, Koehnen Wine Company is LA-based, so that alone should tempt you into trying it.

Gulp Hablo Verdejo 2018

If you are looking for an organic, vegan and tantalizing wine that also boasts a price tag under $15, Gulp Hablo is worth a taste. This “gulpable” wine is dry, leans toward acidic and is light compared to a lot of Verdejo wines. I got pear and green apple from it. Andy thought it had some nice citrus elements to it. If you are looking for a pairing, I think it would work with cured meats, loads of vegetarian dishes and probably seafood. Because of its drinkability and price-point, this is likely to be our light, crisp, go-to wine this summer.

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