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Celebrating the Emmys with a Ted Lasso Biscuit

We’re big fans of Ted Lasso, and we experience a little spark of joy whenever a Ted Lasso biscuit shows up on screen. Naturally, this means that we had to try making them at home. Luckily, Apple TV gave the Ted Lasso biscuit recipe to Today.com – just in time to celebrate the show’s many Emmy nominations (and ultimate wins). 

Whipping butter stand mixer ted lasso biscuit those someday goals
Getting the room temperature butter fluffy is the key to this shortbread biscuit recipe.

Ted Lasso Biscuit Recipe Steps

Here’s the good news: there aren’t many ingredients in the biscuit recipe. We are talking about just flour, coarse salt, unsalted butter (1 full cup, which is, admittedly, a lot), and confectioners’ sugar. Here’s the bad news: the coarse salt didn’t integrate as well as I would have liked, leaving some pieces extra salty, even though the total amount (1/4 teaspoon) isn’t that much. So, keep this in mind when you start to prepare the shortbread when you use the recipe laid out here

dough in 9x9 pan ted lasso biscuit those someday goals
The edges were a little thin, but overall, not a bad dough distribution.

Roll out the shortbread before you put it into the pan. Why? It’s really the best way to judge how thick the entire mixture is. I did not do this, and I found that the edges were thinner than the middle, and they caught a bit. Luckily, I was watching the bake carefully, so nothing burned.

Also, the recipe has a range of 45-60 minutes, but the test kitchen advised that thicker batches can take more than 70 minutes. For me, using a 9x9inch pan, it took 50 minutes to cook the middle thoroughly.

ted lasso biscuit plain those someday goals
A little salty, but otherwise delicious!

Best Biscuit Tip Ever

The best tip (ever!) for this recipe is in the Today.com guide. Cut the squares (or rectangles) when the dough is cold. It makes serving the shortbread biscuits so much easier. Otherwise, you might risk some crumbling once the biscuit has cooled.

ted lasso biscuits those someday goals
I didn’t have a pink box, but we did have this lovely box from an early cake pop splurge.

Add a Sweet Kick to the Biscuit

What was our flourish? A friend had gifted me some Chocolate Cabernet wine sauce from Eleanor Coppola, and I just had to try it. Personally, I thought it was a delight. It adds a little fruit to the chocolate, which off-sets the saltiness of the biscuit. Andy preferred them without the chocolate but with a lovely Rosé (2019 Zudugarai “Amats” Rosé Getariako Txakolina) that we happened to have opened. Luckily, I left them all plain in the box, so we could sample them whichever way we preferred. 

chocolate cabernet sauce Eleanor Coppola ted lasso biscuits Those Someday Goals
When I realized I had a some Chocolate Cabernet wine sauce in the refrigerator, I knew I had to try it with the Ted Lasso biscuit. Yum!

How about you? Have you tried your hand at making a Ted Lasso biscuit?

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