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This Month’s Natural Rose Wine Favorite: Zahel

Zahel’s Demeter Ein Wildes Gläschen Rosé 2019 showed up in our Bar & Garden wine club sample this month, and it instantly became one of our favorite rose wines.

We are fans of rose wine. We love it as a transition wine from spring to summer, and it remains a favorite during the hot Southern California summers. In fact, we drink it throughout October because the fall temperatures don’t tend to roll in here until Thanksgiving.

This rose wine caught our attention because it’s a natural wine that is a deep garnet color and filled with character. The Austrian vineyard has moved toward natural and sustainable growing, and we love to see that movement embraced by small producers.

More on that from the Zahel vineyard site: “The wine series “Ein Wildes Gläschen” stands for individual, exciting natural wines from our favorite vineyards. These wines have long maceration and are bottled naturally cloudy without fining with minimal sulphur.”

This bottle boasts 12.5% alcohol. There is an intensity of flavor that surprises for a rose wine — whether that is a result of the extended skin contact or the general hands-off approach, I’m not sure. What I do know is that they have produced something highly drinkable and yet like nothing I’ve ever enjoyed.

In terms of the flavor profile, we definitely got notes of strawberry and currant, and perhaps, some ripe sour cherries. But it isn’t overly sweet or floral. I got a nice minerality off of it, but like all wine notes, your mileage may vary.

So, if you are looking for an interesting rose wine for the weekend, talk to your favorite Austrian wine or natural wine importers and give it a swirl.