Zucchini blossom Spring Gardening Ideas Those Someday Goals

Spring Gardening Ideas

Are you searching for spring gardening ideas? We have been so excited to redo our backyard, in no small part because we should be ready for a lot of spring planting in our raised garden beds. But I have to be a little cautious because my impulse is to just plant all the things. I have something like 55,000 (not kidding) seeds, but not all of them are appropriate for spring and summer in Southern California (Zone 10b). So, I have to limit my spring gardening ideas to what will thrive.

Chives in an indoor container garden Spring Gardening Ideas Those Someday Goals
The chives in our office container garden continue to amaze us.
Dill in an AeroGarden Spring Gardening Ideas Those Someday Goals
The dill has run amok. We need to start cutting it back and drying it, as well as use it in new recipes.

Our Indoor Container Garden

Container gardening has given us the ability to start sensitive seeds upstairs and transplant them before the severe heat arrives – not that Los Angeles hasn’t already had a brief burst of 97-degree weather. We tend to use our office AeroGarden for herbs like dill, basil, lemon basil, cilantro, and Italian parsley. We also have a dynamic pot of chives that has produced throughout the pandemic (which makes me so excited).

The Outside Raised Garden Beds

Our outside raised garden beds are calling. We have two short beds with trellises that already have an older tomato plant that started producing last fall and two transplanted tomato seedlings. We also have a mature bell pepper plant that we transplanted from a pot and a seedling in that bed because tomatoes and bell peppers make for great companion plants.

Transplanting seedlings in trellis garden bed Spring Gardening Ideas Those Someday Goals
Tomatoes and bell peppers going in!
Kale in a raised garden bed Spring Gardening Ideas Those Someday Goals
I almost forgot to mention that we planted kale seedlings. Fingers crossed that the heat doesn’t kill it before we can harvest.
Spring Gardening Ideas Bell Peppers Lady Bugs on the Leaves Those Someday Goals
Even the lady bugs love the mature bell pepper plant that we’ve transplanted.

The second short raised bed will transition to new crops, as the broccoli, spinach, and sugar snap pea plants are almost finished for the season, and they so did not enjoy the heatwave.

Growing Broccoli in Containers Transplant Close Up Gardening Container Gardening Wood Raised Beds Those Someday Goals
Broccoli enjoyed a brief season, but we can harvest the leaves for salads.
Flowers Sugar Snap Peas container gardening those someday goals
While most of the plants are done producing, there were two at the end that were still budding!

Spring Gardening Ideas for the Newest Raised Bed

Andy just finished building an eight-foot raised garden bed. I am filled with ideas about how I want our spring gardening to start there, but I’m still researching the best companions. I have healthy zucchini and cauliflower seedlings that could get a place in the bed. But the rest of the bed is still up in the air.

Zucchini blossom Spring Gardening Ideas Those Someday Goals
Even though we haven’t transplanted it yet, the zucchini plant has already started to bloom. So pretty!

So far, my spring gardening ideas include:

  • Okra (from seeds)
  • Squash (from seeds)
  • Climbing Beans (from seeds)
  • Sweet Potatoes (from slips)
  • Kale (by transplanting indoor seedlings)

Transplanting to Newer Garden Pots

I started yellow onions upstairs, and the smaller container holds seedlings that have already been hardened off. I have a grow bag that could be the perfect spot for the onions. I’m a fan of the grow bags for healthy roots. The grow bags drain well, and they help the soil stay cooler – a significant benefit when growing in Los Angeles.

We’re Growing Trees!

Andy has also been growing trees from seeds in containers in our office (not kidding). The peach tree, avocado trees, and loquats are almost ready to be transferred into the new wine barrels. The smaller trees will be moved into larger pots until they are strong enough to thrive in the ground or other wine barrels. It’s been amazing to see how much his trees have grown over the winter!

Loquat tree Spring Gardening Ideas Those Someday Goals
Andy transplanted a loquat tree into one of our wine barrels, and it seems to love its new home.
Avocado, loquat, and lemon trees Spring Gardening Ideas Those Someday Goals
Andy has loquat, avocado, and lemon trees that are looking super healthy!

We also have a Meyer Lemon Tree that is already producing full-sized lemons. So many buds have already started to form, and we’re so happy that it seems to like it’s new container!

Meyer Lemon Tree Spring Gardening Ideas Those Someday Goals
Love that the Meyer Lemon Tree is already fruiting.

I’ll keep you updated as the new crops take hold. I’m also excited to share with you the new backyard design that includes a growing section and an entertaining space as soon as it is finished. Stay tuned!

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