Napa Valley Olive Oil Exterior Those Someday Goals

Discovering Napa Valley Olive Oil

A visit to Napa Valley Olive Oil in St. Helena, California, was a long-held desire for Andy. And it makes sense. He does most of the day-to-day cooking and loves experimenting with different types of infused olive oil. If you also love cooking (or have recently become obsessed with watching all of the past seasons of Top Chef, as I have), you will adore this unassuming spot. It’s all about the olive oil!

The Story

The Napa Valley Olive Oil Manufacturing Company is truly a local delight. The olive oil they sell is locally manufactured from area sources. It’s family owned and operated, and they have been offering the best in olive oil (and Italian grocery products) since 1931.

Napa Valley Olive Oil Exterior Those Someday Goals

The Place

But it isn’t a place that you are just going to happen upon as you travel between wine tastings. Like the products they make, a visit to Napa Valley Olive Oil has to be intentional. It’s all substance with a hidden gem vibe. As they say on their website: “If you are a food lover, you will truly love this find.” 

Napa Valley Olive Oil Inside So many olive oil bottles and business cards Those Someday Goals
Take your time and explore the twists and turns of this amazing shop. SO MANY OLIVE OILS!!!

The Location

Napa Valley Olive Oil Manufacturing Company is located at 835 Charter Oak, St. Helena, CA, 94574. Don’t be daunted if you don’t see it right away. It’s a little bit hidden at the end of a back road off Main Street (128). It’s literally at the end, so keep going, and you’ll be surprised to find yourself in their parking lot before you know it.

What We Bought

We had to control ourselves when we first arrived because between the Italian groceries and the thoroughly tantalizing local olive oil, we wanted to buy everything. BUT we took a breath and started thinking a bit more strategically. We started with the basics: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Andy cooks with it all the time, and it was fantastic to get a chance to try this Napa Valley option.

Next, we decided to sample some of the specialty olive oils. The Extra Virgin Tuscan Herb Olive Oil has already been used so often that it’s clear we will need to order more (and hopefully visit again). We also bought an Extra Virgin Black Truffle Oil. This is very potent, and small amounts infuse any dish with incredible flavor. Can’t wait to find more recipes to use this one! And, of course, we bought some Italian specialties for a picnic.

Napa Valley Olive Oil black truffle oil bottle tuscan herb olive oil pizza peel Those Someday Goals
Can you tell how often we use the Tuscan Herb Olive Oil when Andy cooks? And even a drop of the truffle oil makes a huge impact. Love it!

Our Wish List

In addition to picking up more of what we have already tasted and loved, we have our eyes on at least two of their other olive oils: Garlic and Wild Mushroom & Sage (particularly for Thanksgiving recipes).

Chefs, it’s time to experience the joys of cooking with the incredible creations from Napa Valley Olive Oil Manufacturing Company!

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