Closet Shelving Ideas Bamboo Shelves Bookcase repurposed

Searching for Closet Shelving Ideas?

Are you searching for closet shelving ideas that won’t cost a fortune and don’t require specialized tools (or a professional) to install? I was, too. I found the perfect solution that took less than 20 minutes to install and cost considerably less than hiring a professional to organize the closet.

Storage Problem

When we moved into The Cottage, it came with the typical storage issues that all homes built in 1911 have – very little storage. At some point, probably in the 1990s, the kitchen was updated, and it included a cleaning cupboard. It’s essentially a place to store the vacuum cleaner or broom. While that sounded like it would work as intended, it meant that a lot of our cleaning paraphernalia ended up stuffed in the bottom of the cupboard.

Before photos of cleaning bucket, broom, rags, and trash bags
We’ve only been here a couple of months, but we quickly discovered that this wasn’t a useful storage option.

We needed to explore closet shelving ideas that could offer us a better way of organizing the supplies and showing them to us. I’m a very visual person. If I can’t see the products, it’s as though they don’t exist. This is why we don’t have drawers or closed organization bins on many of our shelves.

Closet Shelving Ideas

There were two easy solutions: 1) hire a handyperson to install shelves, or 2) find a shelving unit that would fit into the cabinet. Overwhelmingly, the second of the closet shelving ideas was the fastest and most cost-effective solution.

Closet Organization Solution

After repeatedly measuring the space, we bought a Magshion Bamboo 5-Tier Open Shelf Bookcase through Amazon. We wanted it tall enough to give us multiple storage cubes while leaving enough open space for the Swiffer, vacuum, etc.

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Magshion Bamboo 5-Tier Open Shelf Bookcase
Closet Shelving Ideas Bamboo Shelves Bookcase repurposed Cleaning cabinet closet organization
Happily, all that measuring paid off. It fit perfectly!

So far, it has worked like a charm. In fact, we had so much storage capacity that we removed some products from the upper cabinets. All of our cleaning supplies are now together, easily seen, and accessible. Exactly what we wanted.

Closet Shelving Ideas Bamboo Shelves Bookcase repurposed
By repurposing a bamboo bookcase, we found one of our favorite closet shelving ideas ever — and our cleaning cabinet is so much more useful!

And that is the exciting story of our new cleaning cupboard in The Cottage. Yep, it’s a riveting tale of a genuinely heroic organization journey. I’m kidding, of course. I’m just happy that the cabinet is functional.


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