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The Birds and Animals of Playa Ocotal, Costa Rica

I would be remiss if I didn’t give you another look at the gorgeous, friendly and sometimes devious  animals and birds that we encountered in and around Playa Ocotal, Costa Rica during our Christmas travels in December.


We started referring to these guys as “beach birds.” Quite clearly not their formal name, but they were frequent guests and pretty quick at grabbing any snacks left unattended by the beach chairs.



These colorful specimens were also frequent guests of the restaurant patio. I’m pretty sure that this one had a crush on Andy. Either that or the blue bird knew it was going to be able to pick up some snacks from him.


While most of this guy’s friends stayed at the restaurant, he preferred the sights and sounds of the infinity pool. What can I say? It’s a bird of refined tastes.


Can you see the iguana? He’s sunning himself on the rocks just above the date stamp. You do need to keep your eyes open when you are stepping on the rocks because sometimes, the rocks are actually these guys. Surprise!


Ah, the howler monkeys. You will hear them long before you see them, but they are fascinating creatures. Particularly loud in the early mornings or late at night, they make a sound you won’t soon forget. It actually becomes sort of soothing once you get used to it.


At first we mistook these friendly critters for sloth. They are, in fact, coatimundi (or coati). We thought they were adorable, and they were so used to people walking down to the hidden beach at Nacascolo that they seemed quite tame. Still, I wouldn’t recommend petting them, though they will beg for food.



These guys don’t beg. These monkeys just take. But as they come so close to people, it really is a pretty friendly interaction. This guy seemed fascinated by one of the cheese puffs in the hands of one of the local beach goers. But he accepted all offerings. I can’t say that sounds like the healthiest of diets, but I suppose it is no different than when they steal straight out of your bags (as many, many stories will warn, they also like shiny things like cameras or phones).

Want to see more of the monkeys in action?



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