It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning Your Next Spa Trip to Desert Hot Springs


If you are looking for an oasis-like spot in the middle of Desert Hot Springs, California, The Spring Resort & Spa is your spot. It has all the positives: clean rooms, multiple thermal pools and a full day spa. Plus, it’s only minutes from the restaurants and entertainment of Palm Springs.


Andy surprised me with a trip to The Spring Resort & Spa for my last birthday. I had been feeling a bit down about my lack of career progress, and it was just the thing I needed to recharge and get excited about working again. Because, as you might know, working by a pool is always a good idea.

The Rooms
We took a deluxe room right by two of the hot spring-fed pools. The mineral springs are said to have healing and therapeutic values. For me, it was all about finding relaxation and letting go of all the negatives that I had been holding onto since I had a terrible meeting with a would-be manager earlier in the year.

There are 12 rooms in total at the resort, with nine of them surrounding the mineral pools. Our deluxe room allowed us direct access to the main swimming pool (which is delightfully warm, but still refreshing) and the first of the hot pools (my favorite). The room was immaculate (my first requirement for any stay), with wood floors and a long-bench that featured space for luggage and offered up refreshing beverages. The bathroom was clean with exclusive bath products and an energetic showerhead that helped wash off the desert. The only downside of the room was that there was no desk inside of it. It turned out not to be a problem because there was a table for two just outside of our door that had a view of the pool and was perfect for getting work done in-between soaks.

If you are coming with friends, family or just want extra space to work, choose one of the suites or the villa. They tend to be quiet and sit closer to the spa.

The View from our room


Our outdoor office
Our roadrunner buddy came to visit while we were working.


The Spa
Andy’s mom had gifted me with a spa massage, and I was so excited to give it a try. I’m not terribly adventurous, so I went with a traditional Swedish, and it was fantastic. I felt utterly decadent – exactly how you should feel if you are celebrating a special occasion or just there for some long-overdue self-care. They have a comprehensive menu of healing treatments, and you can sign up at the check-in desk when you arrive or come in during your stay to make your selection.


The Pools
As I mentioned, the mineral pools range from bath water to truly toasty. I don’t go for the extreme heat, but Andy loved the hottest pool that was located over by the fire pit. The water comes out of the ground at 170 degrees and then is cooled and fed into the three pools. I liked the middle-of-the-road pool the best. Also, it was covered, so when the evening winds started to blow, we didn’t get inundated by the palm fronds.

Visit the fire pit between the pools when the sun sets.


There is a type of continental breakfast that has healthy options, but it is limited. In fact, the lack of a full-service restaurant at The Spring is the biggest negative there. But it is so close to downtown and Palm Springs that it didn’t stop us from having a wonderful time. It allowed us to explore a bit, and we discovered some delicious options in Palm Springs that we’ve decided to visit again when we go back.

A View of Palm Springs

When to Visit
We loved being here in March, and we’ve taken desert trips as early as February and as late as November. When the nights are cold, the mineral hot springs can feel particularly delightful. The only time I’d caution against is the summer where daytime temps can hit 120. Still, you can find good deals, the rooms are air conditioned, and the nights cool off enough to enjoy the tubs.


The desert flowers were already blooming in March.


Overall Impression
The Spring is a beautiful, relatively affordable resort and spa that is perfect for a weekend getaway or mid-week escape. While it does offer day passes for people to visit, it never feels overcrowded. Plus, early hours and evening hours are restricted just to the people staying at The Spring. It was so relaxing that whenever we get stressed, Andy and I seriously contemplate running away to visit The Spring in Desert Hot Springs, California.

Desert views

17 Replies to “It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning Your Next Spa Trip to Desert Hot Springs”

  1. As I get older, the appeal of spas are just more appealing to me, so to have this place in the middle of California is a blessing. When I am usually in that state, its bloody hot, so I a trip here would be a great place to be in the middle of the day, keep cool and keep relax. I love the fact it has a fire pit and surrounding mountains, that does really appeal to me.

    1. It’s still a bit warm during the day, but at night this area is starting to get really nice. Early spring is our favorite time to be there, but the fall can be beautiful!

  2. Desert Hot Springs is a beautiful area. You can be on the desert floor and still see snow in the mountains. I love how accessible the entire area is to LA or San Diego. The Springs Resort and Spa looks like a special place, especially with natural hot springs flowing from the ground.

    1. Yes! I love being able to see the snow on the mountains while still being comfortable below it all. It’s such a great place to relax and recharge!

  3. We RV’d for a month near this area and had friends that RV’d on site. This is a really great area to explore and the hot springs are just a bonus! I agree it is never to early to plan MY next trip!

    1. I’d love to RV out there! I find the desert so peaceful, and being able to get a day pass at the spa would be pretty great bonus.

  4. I love soaking in hot springs and the Desert Hot Springs sounds like the perfect place. I love the intimate feeling with only 12 rooms in the resort. The best part are the springs near the fire pits. The views are also incredible and even though there is no restaurant on-site, all the other benefits outweigh that. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll be looking for the Desert Hot Springs on my next CA trip.

  5. We seem to always be too busy when we travel. So a visit to a hot springs resort sounds like a great way for a relaxing break. I would love a hotel that only has 12 rooms. A therapeutic hot spring dip and a massage sounds just perfect to me. Good to know that they don’t have a full service restaurant. But we found so much good food in Palm Springs that we know we won’t go hungry!

    1. LOL!! You are right — you definitely won’t go hungry. It seems like the options are always growing in and around Palm Springs.

  6. It sounds very peaceful since there are only 12 rooms. Minimal guests. Very cool that you had direct access to get in the pool. I def wouldn’t have recommended hot springs in the summer either. You would boil lol.

    1. Yeah, it’s lovely out there, but 120 degrees outside does not inspire me to take a hot soak (although I suppose the water wouldn’t feel all that hot when the air temp is high).

  7. I’m a big fan of hot springs! Desert Hot Springs would definitely be on my list if I’m back in SoCal. I also love deserts. I can picture doing a hike in the morning, sweat it out a little and then hit the spa to relax. But, I’d hit up a restaurant before heading back since there isn’t one in-house 🙂

  8. I’ve been to Palm Springs a few times in the winter. I imagine that Desert Hot Springs would also be a wonderful place to visit then. Sounds like you had a great (and indulgent) visit to the spa — I’m a little jealous!

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