Mt Baldy Lodge cabins

Explore Mt Baldy Lodge in the Off-Season

Let’s talk about visiting Mt Baldy Lodge during the off-season. Everyone knows about the skiing on Mount Baldy, but we were surprised to find that we loved hiking, exploring and relaxing there as the heat overtook Los Angeles in July. If you are looking for a place to escape soaring temperatures (be it summer, fall or late spring in Southern California), Mt Baldy Lodge could be your ideal weekend (or mid-week) getaway.

Mt Baldy Weather

We arrived at the beginning of July to celebrate Andy’s birthday. It was more than 100 degrees when we left Los Angeles, and, to be honest, one of the reasons we chose Mount Baldy was because it promised a respite. You can imagine our surprise when we arrived, and it was still in the 90s. But mountain weather is unpredictable, and within seconds (literally) of parking the car and running into Mt Baldy Lodge, the heavy clouds let loose. The thunderstorm gave us the perfect excuse to leisurely register and enjoy lunch in the lodge restaurant – a place we would frequently visit during our visit. It also cooled the temperature to a completely manageable 83 degrees.

Mt Baldy Lodge
Andy enjoying the rain as we arrived in Mt Baldy Ldoge

Mt Baldy Lodge Cabins

As you probably remember, Andy loves the outdoors. He enjoys hiking, treks and the idea of camping. I … do not. I grew up camping with my parents, and I loved spending the time with them, but I feel like I’m good on the camping, and don’t need to pitch a tent anywhere ever again. It might sound like it is hard to find a compromise between those two positions, but we have by reserving cabins like those available at Mt Baldy Lodge. They offer comfort, indoor plumbing and a porch, perfect for comfortable reading for hours. They also offer proximity to both easy and challenging hikes and a sense of being in nature, even though this Southern California locale is only an hour from Los Angeles.

Mt Baldy Lodge cabins
Mt Baldy Lodge cabin pathway
Mt Baldy Cabin Porch
Mt Baldy Cabin

The cabin could probably sleep five (if you included the sofa), with a private bedroom and a bed in a living room nook. We chose to sleep in the nook, for no other reason than it felt cooler and cozier to us. The temperature had dropped, but there is no air conditioning in the cabins, only fans. The bedroom nook enjoyed a breeze and a sturdy fan that did the job. If you are traveling with friends or family, the bedroom is an excellent choice for privacy. We marveled at the fireplace – I bet that gets quite a lot of use during the resorts ski season.

Mt Baldy Lodge cabin bedroom
Main bedroom in the cabin at Mt Baldy Lodge
Mt Baldy Lodge cabin
Mt Baldy Lodge cabin living room bed nook
Mt Baldy Lodge cabin
Mt Baldy Lodge cabin fireplace

My favorite place in our Mt Baldy Lodge cabin was the front porch. We both brought books with us (this was before Andy got me the kindle, so you can see I was still holding on to my physical books), and we enjoyed the laid-back, surrounded by nature vibe. If you love the idea of kicking back with a cold drink and a good book for hours, I’m betting our cabin would make you smile. I’m not exactly sure how you would make it work in the winter, but during the summer, it’s a glorious place to perch.

Mt Baldy Lodge
Reading “One Good Turn” by Kate Atkinson on our lovely cabin porch at Mt Baldy Lodge.

Mt Baldy Lodge Amenities

Mt Baldy Lodge is a family-friendly place, but with enough separation that couples or singles can still have privacy. We were close to the pool, the volleyball pits and the cornhole court, but never felt impacted by noise. We spent some quality time in the pool after one of our hikes, and it was refreshing, clean and easy to access from our cabin.

Mt Baldy Lodge amenities
Mt Baldy Lodge pool, volleyball courts and cornhole set-up were close to the cabin.
Mt Baldy Lodge
Andy playing pool in the Mt Baldy Lodge bar and restaurant.

When we visited, the only free Wi-Fi was in the Lodge restaurant. There is a pay service you can get in the cabins, but I put my computer away for a while, and only checked in when we were up at the restaurant (or in areas with Wi-Fi service). It was a great way to feel comfortably disconnected – we could have access if we wanted it, but we could unplug when we didn’t.

Overall, we loved our time at Mt Baldy Lodge. While just a couple of months later, my health would make trips too challenging for a while, I look back at this time fondly. And I would happily go back with Andy whenever we needed a little summer or fall escape.

Details: Mt Baldy Lodge, 6777 Mt Baldy Rd, Mt Baldy, CA 91759

Stay tuned for more information about Mt Baldy restaurants, hikes and other activities that we loved in Mt Baldy, California.

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20 Replies to “Explore Mt Baldy Lodge in the Off-Season”

  1. Wow, it’s only a little over an hour and a half from Santa Monica where we vacation with my granddaughter every year. At least this would be a different activity from the beaches!

    1. That’s true! It’s a pretty easy drive from the LA area, particularly off-season when you don’t have to worry about putting chains on the tires to get up there.

  2. Spent a lot of time in that area as I grew up in Upland. We never visited the lodge though so this was wonderfully nostalgic but new. Glad the area is still rustic. I miss the big trees along Euclid Avenue.

    1. It really does still feel like an escape even though it is relatively close to major cities. It has definitely survived the development boom, although I’m betting it feels a bit more crowded during ski season.

  3. It looks like a beautiful place to sit and relax and read a book. I love Kate Atkinson but I haven’t read “One Good Turn” yet.

  4. I like the interior of the Mt. Baldy Lodge. Looks very homey and so comfortable to me. It’s nice to stay during the off-season to really feel a very relaxing going away, aye. And wifi only in the restaurant gives you time to disconnect for a while! Truly an escape!

    1. I thought I’d be really freaked out by not having Wi-Fi all the time, but in the end it really was a nice escape.

  5. Mt. Baldy Lodge and cabins sounds like a wonderful respite from the heat plus a great chance to reconnect with nature. I don’t mind camping but I definitely appreciate not having to set up the tent or cook on a propane stove! Sorry to hear you had some health challenges after this. I hope you get to return soon.

  6. I live in L.A. and drive up to Mountain Baldy for skiing quite often. I never thought of stopping at Mt. Baldy lodge on the way to the top. This place seems always crowded, but it looks really appealing. Maybe next time we go skiing we’ll give it a try.

    1. I hope you do, and that it is a fun diversion. Given the huge fireplace in the cabin, it looks like it would be quite cozy during the winter!

  7. I do love to visit ski areas in off season. As you wrote, it is a great way to escape the heat. And the hiking paths look great. The cabin looks like a great spot to curl up with a book.

    1. I think I need to do more of this off-season travel. It’s been so hot over the last week here in LA, and I’m ready to pack a bag!

  8. I went to Mt. Baldy on a snowboarding trip. A looong time ago 🙂 Fun place, lots of sunshine and definitely one of the closest ski resorts from Los Angeles. From the looks and sound of it, also a great place to spend time without snow 🙂 Yeah, definitely hitting up that cabin with the fireplace. Cozy!

    1. I feel like I have to see it once the snow falls now. If for no other reason to see how it transforms.

  9. The Mt. Baldy Lodge is exactly our type of place. We loved its interiors and the place looks super comfy and cozy. We will be so happy spending our type here leisurely and would love to try our hands-on skiing too.

    1. If you are in the mood for a rustic-ish getaway, this place is great. In fact, after looking back at it, I’m feeling more and more motivated to go back!

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