Royce Nama Chocolate Boxes

Favorite Discoveries of 2019: Chocolate

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! We kept things very low-key this year, but they were still filled with loads of love and a lot of excellent food.

As we get ready for 2020, I couldn’t help but look back at 2019. We’ve made some fun discoveries in local travel, sweet treats, stress-reducers and more. So, I thought I’d share some of those discoveries with you. I’m not getting paid to share these – I just found joy in each of these experiences or things.

Royce’ Nama Chocolate

One of my favorite discoveries this year came via my husband. He went to a whiskey tasting with a friend who shared his box of Royce’ Nama Chocolates. My husband brought some home for me to try, and we have been ardent fans ever since.

Royce Nama Chocolate Boxes

My heart beats quicker at the sight of the “Champagne Pierre Mignon” flavor, but as you can see by the photo, we have a fondness for them all. So, if you are keen to try some Japanese chocolates, start hunting now. We have a Japanese market not far away, and we are always excited to see which new chocolate we get to enjoy. But be warned – they are so rich that you may only be able to eat one or two in a sitting. The good news is that the box lasts longer that way.

How about you? Did you discover chocolates (or other sweets) that made you smile this year?