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What Have You Done to Meet Your Someday Goals?

Here we are. It is the end of January. You’ve shrugged off the warm, yet somewhat lethargy-making holiday hangover. You’ve most likely been back at work for weeks. The weather has gone mad, and those resolutions aren’t going to keep themselves. So, what have you done to make “those someday goals” a reality?

It can feel like a big question, can’t it? I know that when I sat down to write this post, it forced me to review. My big goals for January reflect my larger someday goals, so keeping a close eye on how each month goes makes sense to me. Otherwise, I’ll blink, and it will be September.


Obviously, health has been a significant issue for me. I’ve kept up with treatments, and with more energy has come more activity. Still, rebuilding muscle and getting my stamina up are health priorities. While I’ve done some of that, I have to admit that work and travel in January were convenient excuses to keep me from having to put in some uncomfortable work on the health side. Time to get back to it!


My husband and I just put in a conference room table into the office, and it seems to be helping us keep on track with our joint script. I’m not sure if it is because we have a better place to work together or if it is just the inspiration that a new location can bring, but whatever the reason, I hope we keep making strides. We began the new year with writing, and we have stuck with it when we’ve been at home. It feels like a solid step in the right (or write) direction. Ha!

My solo projects are a bit more complicated. I still struggle with balancing my paid writing assignments with my longer-term, no-pay-yet-but writing work. I only have so much creative energy and focus right now, and juggling which project or work assignment gets attention has been giving me fits. It’s one of my top resolutions/ someday goals for the new year – find that balance!

Experiencing LA

Los Angeles has a lot to offer. Indeed, it is often expensive, but there are free events and budget-friendly plans to be made. Some big dance performances are coming up that I’m tempted to buy tickets for, and a walk along the beach is free (and would help boost those wellness goals). The weather has been fantastic, so I can’t blame that. Andy wanted us to try to find something wonderful about each day. While that certainly includes small things that inspire us, I need to work on experiencing more things that are unique about this city.


We got a taste of winter weather in January when we traveled to Ohio. I’m hoping that this first quarter includes some short trips and local overnights. Even if work picks up and our schedules get busy, those quick trips can feel rejuvenating.

That’s me. So, how about you? What progress have you made with your someday goals and resolutions?

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