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Defining Those Someday Goals

You would think that by calling a blog “Those Someday Goals,” I would already have a laminated list. It turns out that while I do have a list, that list grows and morphs as time passes. If you are the same way, that’s okay. We can all grow, change and set those life goals together.

Rather than setting a definitive list of those someday goals, I’ve decided to create an evolving document that I will update as new goals emerge and old goals are accomplished. This is about improving the quality of my life, not just about checking things off of a list (though, I do love doing that).

What are Those Someday Goals for me right now?

Write a Second Book
My first book was a collection of non-fiction essays based on interviews with women (you can find “My Letter to Fear” here). I enjoyed the process of writing it, and I can definitely say I’m wiser now about the process of marketing my work. This time around, I want to create a work of fiction. I have a couple of ideas, and they need to get out of my brain and onto the paper.

Finish the Comedy Feature Script
I’m a screenwriter, but you wouldn’t know it by what I spend my days doing. That has to change. I got some pretty useful feedback on my latest drama feature, but rather than obsessively re-writing that (or in addition to doing that), I need to get moving on a couple of new projects.

Get Back into Shape
I don’t want to be crazy and obsess over numbers on a scale. It’s not about that. I want to get my health back. I want to get my stamina back. I tried to ride a bike earlier this month, and let’s just say it was such a disaster that a blog post will be coming about the whole ordeal. I was far more fit a year ago. I know that taking on additional freelance writing work has made me more sedentary, but that means I have to make it a real goal. No more “someday I will ….”

Try Dance Class Again
This was a goal years ago, and I’m bringing it back. I tried a couple of classes, but then faced too many conflicts (or I let those conflicts get in the way). My knees are damaged from years of dance, and I tore ligaments in my left ankle, and that injury left me weaker on that side. I thought I was over my desire to get back to class, but lately, it has been tempting me again. It may be physically beyond me to return to class more than once a week, and I’m smart enough to know that my company days are long behind me. But dancing was part of my identity for so long that I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the desire shows up whenever I start to examine who I am and what I want.

See More Theater
For 16 years, I had season tickets to one of the major theaters in Los Angeles (and at one point, two of them). I had to let them go when finances became too tight to justify the expense. But we recently went to see “Soft Power,” and I realized exactly how much I missed watching live performances. While I still can’t see every show I want to see, I do want to find a way to start re-incorporating theater into my life.

Develop a Capsule Wardrobe that I Love
I’ve done a lot of cleaning out and decluttering. But I lack a sense of MY style. Because I make my living as a writer, I spend a lot of time in t-shirts and jeans (or shorts when the weather gets warmer). I’m not suggesting that I start wearing ball gowns to write – although that would be hilarious, and maybe I should try it? I want to create a casual style that I can take with me to the baby showers, birthday parties and industry events that seem to be popping up with greater frequency. Yes, I know that it isn’t the best time to do this when I’m also trying to become more fit, but if I don’t make a goal to do it now, it will stay on that list of those someday goals forever.

Start Traveling More
For a while, I was traveling a lot. I was taking day trips a couple of days a week and then going on longer excursions and press trips. Money got tight, and traveling went on the back burner. Now that things are more stable, I need to push to do more weekend stuff, even if a trip overseas is not in the cards this year. Happily, I have a partner in crime – my husband loves to travel. I know that he would be up for this should finances allow.

As a side note: I was also doing the “Someday I will” dance when I was in college. I pledged that I would return to Rhodes in Greece within 10 years with a significant other. Yeah, that didn’t happen. But I’ve already told Andy it is on the list.

Ramp Up the Minimalism Challenges
I have embraced a minimalist approach to my life. In many cases, decluttering has already occurred, although the sentimental items pose such a big challenge that I haven’t started on them. My office needs a significant overhaul, and once I figure out what I want my capsule wardrobe to be, I can still clear out more clothing that I won’t wear. My biggest goal here is to commit to mindful consumption because I have, in the past, fallen into the “this will make me feel better about my life” shopping habits.

Take Advantage of Los Angeles
Los Angeles has an array of things to do at every given moment of every day. A fair amount of those things are free or nearly free. I need to start taking better advantage of the free concerts, free lectures, almost free movies, etc. that are happening all around me.

Learn More About Wine
I belong to this kick-ass wine club, and it has only encouraged me to taste more and learn more. In fact, it has inspired me to have an expert come onto this blog and provide wine articles about her favorite discoveries just for us. But there are also wine experiences that I would love to try more of, like the Blending Lab excursion we had in April (more on that to come). Time to do more of that!

Be More Proactive About My Freelance Work
I make a living as a freelance writer. Basically, if you can get paid to write it, I will. My primary source of work is the travel industry, but I also write a significant amount of decorating, fashion and dinner party-esque articles. I’m also a terrible procrastinator, even when deadlines are looming. If anyone has any great tips for improving that work habit, please let me know them!

Reach Out to Friends
I have been terrible at keeping in touch with people. I’ve worked with fabulous people, and I need to make an effort to see them. It does go against my natural inclination to hide from people on my couch, but I’m convinced it is worth the effort.

Start Networking
This is 100% more painful than reconnecting with friends, but for my career, I’m going to have to start making this happen. This is another one of those someday goals that has been on the list for YEARS.

This is where I am right now. Some of those someday goals are quite general, while others are very specific ways to improve my quality of life. Hold me accountable. Ask me how I’m doing if you don’t see me talking about it. I can’t afford to kick my goals down the road for another year.

“Someday I will” is about to become “Today I am.”

If you have “someday goals” you would like to share, sound off in the comments.