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Discovering Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal and Leonard Cohen

If you love modern ballet or the music of Leonard Cohen, make a date to see one of the incredible performances of “Dance Me” by Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal. And if you can see it at an incredible venue like The Broad, all the better.

As you know, one of my “Someday Goals” has been to spend more time exploring all that Los Angeles has to offer. When Valentine’s Day rolled around, Andy and I were looking for something unique that appealed to both of us. “Dance Me” at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica was a clear winner.

I love nearly all things “Dance.” Ballet, modern, jazz, tap – whatever the form, I’m open to seeing it, doing it, writing about it, etc. So, when I heard that Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal was coming to town for two performances, I was thrilled. But I’ll admit now that I knew very little of Leonard Cohen’s music – I know, I know, it really was a massive gap in my music education.

Andy, on the other hand, loves Leonard Cohen. Like many aficionados, Andy finds the poetry of Cohen’s lyrics to be profoundly moving and inspiring. And while he enjoys dance performances, it isn’t his first choice for a night out.

But having both extraordinary dance and the music of Leonard Cohen as part of the same experience – it seemed like the perfect night out. Cohen’s music inspired the pieces, and the production was approved before Cohen’s death. We were utterly mesmerized by the powerful performances and loved every piece, from the whimsical to the dramatic. We weren’t the only ones. The theater sold out for both performances, and the audience on Valentine’s Day gave the company a roaring standing ovation.

Are you curious? Here is a small sample:

Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal is on tour with “Dance Me.” They are heading over to Europe with the show and then to Israel. If you want to monitor their dates, check out their tour website. There is no indication that the current coronavirus outbreak has impacted these tour dates, but check back to be sure.

The Broad Stage Santa Monica
Our seats were terrific despite getting last minute tickets.

I also want to give a special nod to The Broad. This theater is a gem. There are simply no bad seats. We got last minute tickets, and we had some concerns that Row K would be too far back, but the seats were perfect. The sound is terrific. Parking is free (a huge benefit for Los Angeles). I’m always excited about seeing a show at The Broad. If you get a chance while visiting Santa Monica, California (or Los Angeles, generally), go!