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What is Your Goal for March?

The year is speeding by us. If we don’t take a moment to assess, organize and plan, it will be December before we know it. It is time to set an intention for March. I’m in. Are you?


My husband and I are both writers, and we’ve recently started re-organizing the primary office. We have a wonderful, long conference table in it that makes collaborating easier. I can’t explain why sitting across from each other in the living room wasn’t as conducive, but sitting directly across from each other seems to help the process.

The trouble is that this office was becoming the catch-all room. I worked in here, but at tray tables. There are tons of files, a collection of DVDs and my clothing closet, among many other things. For me, a cluttered space does not lead to creativity. So, my first goal for March is to get the office into shape. We need plenty of wall space for our post-it note timelines, corkboards, whiteboards, whatever we decide to use. I also need to continue the paper decluttering that I started last year during the 30-Days of Minimalism game.


I feel like I’m getting stronger every day. I’m not yet up to a ballet or modern class, but I’m taking a movement class out in the park, and I love it. I’m moving my back in ways that I haven’t been able to in more than a year. The process is meditative, and I’m even “earthing” as I do the slow movements. I’ll tell you all about the class in another post, but my goal for the month is to keep going. Too often, I get distracted or discouraged. I let work interrupt my wellness plan, and then I don’t get back to it. Not this time!

Travel and Leisure

Travel is a tricky one given the coronavirus. I do have a suppressed immune system, so I’m taking every day with caution. However, this doesn’t mean that we are only going to be house-bound until this thing runs its course. We have some plans for a local road trip. And LA is a beautiful place to explore. If you don’t believe me, check out the post I did with CheapOair.

I do want to see more theater (live performances and films). That could get a little tricky if the cases of the virus take off in LA, but I’m hopeful that opportunities will exist. Plus, I always carry around hand sanitizer. If washing my hands isn’t an option, I always have that as a fallback.


My husband and I are working on a script right now, and I’m very excited to finish this draft. I’m also marketing another project of mine right now. Obviously, I’m still doing a lot of blog and article writing, and my goal for March is to stop procrastinating and get those done as soon as they are assigned.

So, that’s me for March. I’m looking forward to getting started! What are your goals for March?