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Inexpensive White Wines for Late Summer

Just because the calendar says that it is late summer and fall is around the corner does not mean our desire for crisp, refreshing white wines has stopped. In fact, we’ve seen mostly 90+ degree temperatures here in Los Angeles, and as much as I love red wine, it’s just not the weather for it.

If you are feeling the same, and you are searching for a white wine that is both inexpensive and a delight to your taste buds, I’m here for you. These are the three white wines that make us smile as the heat of late summer over-stays its welcome.

Gulp Hablo Verdejo 2018

The Gulp Hablo continues to charm us. This delightfully dry, acidic, vegan Verdejo has been our go-to wine all summer. If you want to see our notes, click here, but all I can say is that it is the perfect wine for anyone looking for hints of green apple and citrus. And it’s under $15.

Caves Messias Santola “Crab Wine” Vinho Verde

This wine has been one of our favorites for years. It’s light enough that you can enjoy it even when the temperatures soar. Currently selling for less than $10, this is a wine I would choose regardless of the price. It offers a little bit of fizz on the tongue and is very low alcohol (only 9%). It pairs well with things like seafood, spicy Thai, and pork dishes. Honestly, it pairs will with air, too. It’s just that lovely.

Avis D’Blanc Frais 2019

As we are about to try this particular grape in Helen’s wine club, it seemed like fate when our local wine store was recommending this Grenache Blanc for their monthly club members. It is certified organic, and a blend at 80% Grenache Blanc and 20% Macabeu. I enjoyed the minerality of it, getting notes of lemons and apples. Andy thought he got some floral and melon notes, as well. I’d say that this would go well with seafood, a variety of chicken dishes, and summer salads. We happened to be eating homemade guacamole with habanero oil, and it was a delight. It retails for around $20, making it our splurge, but still a budget-friendly wine.

What are you guys drinking during your Covid isolation?