Poinsettia Care Tips Full Bloom Christmas Holidays Revive those someday goals

Poinsettia Care Tips to Keep Your Plant Blooming Every Year

September 2021 Update: If you are trying to get your Poinsettia plant to re-bloom in time for the holidays, now is the time to start the Poinsettia care darkness tips we mentioned below. Don’t worry if you didn’t start at the beginning of September. You aren’t too late!

Poinsettias are capable of blooming year after year given the right sunlight, water, and temperature conditions. I’m not going to lie, it takes some effort, but our plant has bloomed in time for the holidays for the last four years, and it has always been inside. Curious? Read on for our tips on the Poinsettia care that will revive your plant and have it blooming year after year.

Will a Poinsettia Flower Every Year?

Yes. With proper Poinsettia care, your plant can flower every year, even if it is kept indoors all year long. As I mentioned at the beginning, we’ve had our Poinsettia plant for four years now, and while the blooms are smaller, they are still vibrant and beautiful. Plus, the plant is gorgeous addition to our indoor container garden during its “green” phase, too.

How Do I Revive an Indoor Poinsettia Plant?

  1. Trim back dead or dying leaves in January, February, and March. Be sure to remove any that have fallen into the pot as you go.
  2. Keep your plant near a window with southern exposure and that the temperature in the room doesn’t often dip below 60 degrees. Poinsettias are tropical plants, and they crave sunlight and warmth.
  3. Water the Poinsettia base (not the leaves) so that it is consistently moist, but not wet. 
  4. In March, clip the Poinsettia back by approximately 8 inches (unless the plant is very short). It’s going to seem like an extreme haircut, but the plant will thank you later.
  5. Add a small amount of organic fertilizer (something along the lines of the 16-4-8 mix) once a month after the haircut until October. This isn’t critical care, but it can help, particularly with plants that are housed in small containers. It will become more important as the years pass.
  6. Lightly prune the Poinsettia in August. 
  7. At the end of September or beginning of October, the “darkness treatment” should begin. The Poinsettia requires 14 hours of total darkness. If you can place it in a dark closet, that is easiest, but you can also place a completely opaque box or bag over the Poinsettia and then remove it during its sunlight hours.
  8. Flowers will start budding and leaves will turn after approximately 40 days. 

Poinsettia Care Tip 1

Any artificial light can slow down the flowering process if the Poinsettia is exposed to it during its 14 hours of darkness. So take great care in keeping the plant in as much darkness as possible. 

Poinsettia Care Tip 2

Andy is a big fan of misting the Poinsettia leaves to keep up the humidity. 

Our Poinsettia Flowers this Year

And voila! I’m always amazed at how deep the color is on the leaves of the Poinsettia plant. I hear talk that we can harvest the seeds to grow more plants here at home. This might be the year to try it!

Green plant poinsettia care off-season indoor container garden those someday goals
This was our Poinsettia plant in September, just before some light pruning and the start of our “darkness treatment.” This was our 4th year enjoying the beauty of this plant!
Poinsettia Care Tips Full Bloom Christmas Holidays Revive Budding Those Someday Goals
The buds were starting to open and some of the leaves were turning at the end of November.
Poinsettia Care Tips Full Bloom Christmas Holidays Revive those someday goals
Poinsettia flowers were in full bloom just before the holidays.
Poinsettia Care Tips Full Bloom Christmas Holidays Revive