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Container Garden Ideas: Testing AeroGarden

New container garden ideas will always get my attention, so I’ve been reading up on the AeroGarden for months. Much to my delight, the Bounty Elite Artisan was under the Christmas tree for me this year, and I’m reading to see how this container garden compares with my other attempts.

Why Choose the Bounty Elite Artisan as a Container Garden?

When I was doing my research, I directed all of my attention toward this container garden model. It had nine pods – enough to get me a nice variety of herbs to be transplanted down the road, but not so many that it was overwhelming to manage. I also loved this model because it has a vacation mode (if it is safe enough to travel again someday) and presets to make the perfect water and light decisions. Also, the design claims to help reduce the growth of algae and other molds, which are currently a problem with my indoor container garden basil (more on that later). I needed an idea that would encourage both growth and inspire me to keep going. This was where I landed.

Why Choose an Automated Method?

I have had some luck with the container gardens, but problems like soil depletion, overwatering, underwatering, and a lack of sufficient direct light have all come up. Also, the basil keeps getting attacked by mold, and we’ve lost three dill plants to powdery mildew. I’m not saying that powdery mildew won’t still attack (although I’m hopeful), but the AeroGarden should handle the other problems.

Why Start with Herbs?

Herbs seem to grow the fastest, and I should be able to tell whether or not they are stable enough to eventually transplant, freeing up the container garden to some new pods and new ideas. Plus, we really liked having thyme and dill before the disasters struck, so it will be nice to get them growing again.

Can You Mix Herbs and Veggies in the AeroGarden?

Yes. You can do this from everything I have read; you just have to take the light off of the preset and move to a customization mode. I’m likely to try that in February, so I’ll let you know for sure.

Stay Tuned for More Container Garden Ideas

I’m on Day 3, and I’ll be updating you with the experience. I’m not getting paid to do this, so you’ll get my honest opinion about whether this particular container garden idea is worth the investment (or whether or not you should ask for one for your birthday).

Updates: It’s an Herb Jungle!