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Dessert Ideas for Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Monday!

Just wanted to jump on today and wish you a happy Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Monday in February. Whether or not you are celebrating, we all deserve to enjoy some great dessert ideas. So, throw off the winter blahs, the sadness at seeing another football season end, or a week of Santa Ana winds and get baking.

Here are some of my favorite dessert ideas this week:

Easy Chocolate Truffles Dessert

It’s a messy process, but this easy chocolate truffles dessert has only 2 main ingredients, and the options truly are optional and customized to your taste. Did I mention that they are seriously indulgent and delicious even a week later? It’s true! 

Cointreau chocolate truffles in blue dish by bottle of Bollinger Champagne Easy Chocolate Truffles Recipe Those Someday Goals Valentine's Day dessert ideas

Simple Lemon Bars

Lemon bars are one of Andy’s favorite dessert ideas. Naturally, this meant that when the backyard lemon trees started to offer up ripened fruit, it was time to make this amazingly flavorful snack. Plus, the citrus-y goodness brightens up even the grayest February day. And, yes, I did make one shaped like a heart to celebrate. 

Lemon Bar Heart for Valentine's Day Lemon Bars Recipe Baking Those Someday Goals
I tried using a large cookie cutter to form a lemon bar heart for Valentine’s Day. It was mostly successful! Not perfect, but not bad.

Easy Pecan Pie Using Maple Syrup

I know that people think of pecan pie as being a winter holiday recipe, but why restrict your love for this delicious dessert idea to November and December? We love this recipe because it let us swap out the corn syrup for maple syrup and honey. It’s also surprisingly quick and easy to make. 

Final Easy Pecan Pie Recipe Made with Maple Syrup Baking Christmas Those Someday Goals
A little extra candied on the top, but the final pecan pie made with maple syrup and honey (instead of corn syrup) was delicious!

Dessert Ideas From the Outside World

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Anti-Valentine’s ‘No Love Actually’ Love Heart Cake from Lottie Bedlow 

She is one of my all-time favorite contestants on the Great British Bake Off, and her Instagram is inspired — as is this red velvet sponge cake filled with blackberry curd and covered with a lemon sherbet buttercream. It looks amazing, and I’d love to try it someday. If you aren’t following her on Instagram, start now! Also, she wrote a book: Baking Imperfect: Crush, Whip and Spread It Like Nobody’s Watching. Yeah, I’m in!

Root Beer Cake with Chocolate Root Beer Ganache

This tempting recipe comes from Carla Hill, and it is featured on the King Arthur Baking website. As someone who loves chocolate and root beer, I’m super curious about this. It just looks too fantastic not to try. If you are tempted by this recipe inspired by Hill’s Southern roots and her grandmother, click here and enjoy!