spring dessert recipes Lemon squares bars with sugar recipe baking Those Someday Goals

5 Spring Dessert Recipes

What are your favorite spring dessert recipes? While we have some that make the all-time list, we are trying to tie our recipes to some of the things we have growing in our backyard or near us this year. This means a lot of recipes using Meyer Lemons because our tree and the tree next door have some plentiful offerings. So, we thought we’d share some of the spring dessert recipes that are putting smiles on our faces.

Classic Lemon Bars Dessert Recipe

The first recipe is a no-brainer. Whenever we have fresh lemons available, we jump at the chance to make and savor lemon squares. This means when it was unseasonably warm around Valentine’s Day, we pretended it was spring and took advantage of some early fruit (and shaped a lemon bar into a heart, no less). The recipe is so flavorful that we can’t resist. Now that our tree is producing fruit again, I can see making and enjoying a lot of these lemony treats over the next couple of weeks. Click here for the full recipe

spring dessert recipes Lemon squares bars with sugar recipe baking Those Someday Goals
Here are the more traditionally shaped lemon bars. They are the perfect treat if you have fresh lemons and want to celebrate with something other than chocolate.

Spring Lemon Cake

Are you sensing a theme with our spring dessert recipes? This is one we haven’t tried yet but will be trying in the next two weeks. The recipe comes from Martha Stewart Living, and it sounds divine. It also sounds like something that will stand up to the blazing heat that is supposed to start next week in Los Angeles (and will undoubtedly be popping up until November). I can’t wait to try making this dessert

Carrot-Cake Parfaits

Andy loves, loves, loves carrot cake. I enjoy it, but I haven’t had it often enough to rank it on my favorite desserts list. However, I am a fan of cream cheese, so when Martha Stewart Living added the Carrot-Cake Parfaits recipe to its annual spring dessert recipes piece, I was immediately intrigued. Here’s how the Magazine describes it: “All the elements you love are in this lighter, more elegant take on carrot cake. There’s the sweet, moist cake and the luscious cream cheese frosting but bonus, there’s also a layer of apricot jam. Another plus, it’s easier to assemble than a layer cake.” I’m in! 

Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

Is this really a dessert recipe? I think of it as an all-day recipe ideal for whenever you feel the need for something tart. We opted for using walnuts to cut the sweetness of the recipe and used fresh blueberries and lemon – something we will definitely try to do this spring now that the fruit has come in again. Click here for our Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

spring dessert recipes Final Piece lemon blueberry coffee cake recipe baking Those Someday Goals
Lemon blueberry coffee cake with a walnut-based topping makes me smile.

Potted Chocolate-Mint Puddings

These are just so cute, and we will have mint ready for harvesting soon. Combine that with the fact that I will try almost anything with chocolate, and you’ll know why this spring dessert recipe that is a favorite at Martha Stewart Living is destined for our “must-make” list. Plus, it so goes with our gardening goals for the spring and summer. Why? They literally look like tiny potted plants you can eat. This is how the Magazine describes the dessert: “Mini mint puddings sprout to life, thanks to a mint “seedling” and some ground-cookie “dirt.” So, so cute!

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