entrance farmstead restaurant Napa Valley menu farm-to-table Those Someday Goals

Sampling Napa’s Farmstead Restaurant

Andy knew that he wanted to sample the culinary delights of Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch (aka Farmstead Restaurant) even before we went to Napa. He’d read about its incredible farm-to-table cuisine and knew it needed to be on our Napa Valley adventure itinerary. Imagine our surprise when we discovered it was only a block from the Napa Valley Olive Oil Manufacturing Co in St. Helena. Boom! It was a sign. We had to go.

entrance farmstead restaurant Napa Valley menu farm-to-table Those Someday Goals

Our Farmstead Restaurant Plan

It was late when we left our tasting at Joseph Phelps, so a traditional lunch seemed like it would be too much, and we would have had to wait too long for dinner. So, we decided to do a sampling of some of Farmstead’s most famous offerings. Even around 3:00pm, we saw people flowing on and off the patio, near the Café, and outside the main restaurant. But we got lucky to find a table with a lovely view of the restaurant’s culinary garden. It was a relaxed space that had not yet experienced the cloud burst on the way. If you can sit outside, I highly recommend it! It’s the best environment to enjoy delectable food.

patio farmstead restaurant Napa Valley menu farm-to-table Those Someday Goals
We popped in for a very late lunch, and we enjoyed every bite and the expansive patio.

The Farmstead Restaurant Mission

Farmstead is known for two things: 1) terrific food, and 2) providing terrific food through responsible farming. The restaurant makes the most of the offerings from local farmers, ranchers, and, of course, winemakers and brewers. From their website: “Our connection to rugged mountain terrain, mineral-rich riverbed benchland, and the cool coastal air is tangible through the dishes and ambiance carefully curated by the Halls and our artisans at Farmstead.” 

Their cuisine is described as “American farmhouse,” which is fitting as the Hall family restaurant sits within what looks suspiciously like a farmhouse barn. It’s gorgeous, the grounds are stunning, and we could have easily spent hours here just walking around and exploring. And, of course, eating!

Burger meatballs potatoes farmstead restaurant Napa Valley menu farm-to-table Those Someday Goals
We sampled a little bit of everything!

Our Menu

I’ll admit right now that we did not choose dishes that flowed into each other like a perfectly arranged tasting menu. We wanted nibbles. So, we started by ordering things like the grass-fed beef meatballs and crispy herb fried potatoes. But then Andy asked the waiter about the 12-hour pulled pork sandwich – it sounded too incredible to miss. So, our bites took a heavier turn. And we regret nothing!

Let’s start by saying that the pulled pork sandwich is among their most popular (and famous) dishes for a reason. It is pure smoky decadence. Even the creamy potato salad on the side was surprising and delicious! Naturally, if you are a fan of all things potato (as I am), you’ll also love the crispy herb fried potatoes. Dip them in the spicy mayo and feel zero guilt.

Now, if you watch Top Chef, you’ll know that meatballs are not always heralded as being the most notable items on a food menu. However, I think even those judges would agree that these grass-fed beef meatballs with Skyhill feta, za’atar spice, and tomato-bacon braised collard greens is a worthy and winning dish.

garden farmstead restaurant Napa Valley menu farm-to-table Those Someday Goals
You’ll love seeing the herbs, edible flowers, and veggies growing in their gardens.


While we only did a sampling of the dishes offered by Farmstead Restaurant, we were thrilled with every bite. You can tell that the food is prepared with the freshest ingredients and that the menu has been crafted to showcase the best of the local resources. We loved being outside, relaxing, and indulging while looking out at the culinary gardens. If you find yourself in St. Helena, California, or wandering the Napa Valley in search of delicious culinary experiences that won’t break the bank (or require a reservation made six months in advance), Farmstead Restaurant may be the place for you. It certainly was for us.

grounds farmstead restaurant Napa Valley menu farm-to-table Those Someday Goals
If you get to the restaurant early, take a walk around the grounds and through the veggie and herb gardens.

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