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My Home Office Decor Makes Me Tense

My home office decor makes me tense. I mean, it’s entirely possible that the idea of staring at a blank page on my computer screen is what actually sends off waves of anxiety, but my home office decor is a close second.

We rent, so I don’t feel comfortable changing the walls to that amazingly moody hunter green I mentioned the other day. And I’m probably not going to be adding millwork to the walls any time soon. But the space has always felt unfinished and cluttered, even when it didn’t have much in it.

I am grateful that we have a dedicated workspace in our apartment. I’m thankful that it is mostly quiet. But I don’t crave spending time here. Instead, I look around and see all the things that could be done or that I’m avoiding, and I feel overwhelmed. Yes, again, that probably goes beyond my home office decor. Still, there is nothing cozy or welcoming in this space.

And then I saw this photo by JulieK2 on Shutterstock. At first, I thought this person was on a chaise or window bench. Nope. This person is on the floor.

Book Nook on the Floor Girl Reading Book Surrounded by Plants Photo by JulieK2 Those Someday Goals
Credit: JulieK2/Shutterstock

Why don’t I ever think about sitting on the floor? Do you sit on the floor? We spend so much time, the occasional coin, and loads of effort finding the perfect furniture, but we never consider the floor.

It’s like the fact that most households (including ours) push all the furniture against the walls rather than sticking something intriguing in the middle of the room. It doesn’t occur to us. Is that because energy and design people have told us how important “flow” is? Is it because we constantly try to make rooms look and feel bigger?

Well, now I’ve seen this picture, and I can’t help but wonder if my Power Spot should actually be in a well-positioned corner on the floor with fluffy, plush pillows around me. I could create a semi-secluded spot behind plants and away from the urgent hum of electronics. There’s already carpet on the ground, but nothing is stopping me from laying down something warm and fleece-like to elevate the comfort even more.

The floor could be my book nook. And it would cost me $0 to make this change. Would I use it? Different question. But for now, I can say that there is a tiny tingle of excitement in my brain about creating this cozy reading space to combat the angst I usually feel in my office.

Will the new home office decor prompt me to be wildly creative and free? That might be asking a bit much – it isn’t magic. In fact, it might just make me feel sleepy. Still – that’s better than tense. And I’ve got to start somewhere.

Stay tuned!