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Creating a Marie Kondo Power Spot

I need a Marie Kondo power spot. I need one place in our apartment that helps me focus, brings me joy, and makes me feel calm (or at least not overwhelmed) after a busy day. Alas, I am stuck on the where and how of creating it.

The idea came to me after watching the latest Marie Kondo special on Netflix. Her website describes the power spot this way:

“Whether you live alone or with others, it’s important to have a power spot filled with items you love – a personal space that brings you joy. No matter the size, the benefits are immeasurable: Marie likens it to having a handwarmer in your pocket on a cold day.” 

Marie Kondo

A Garden Power Spot

At first, I thought the spot might be in our rapidly developing garden. But then I hesitated because there is construction on a new apartment building behind us, which doesn’t really lend itself to joy, calm, or privacy. Still, it might become my out-of-doors power spot when the weather turns warmer, and we continue to add plants.

Transforming the Office into a Power Spot

Inside the apartment, I thought it might be in the office. I spend a lot of time there. I essentially have it to myself unless Andy and I are working on something together. I largely control what goes in there, although I sometimes use it as the “I don’t know where this should go, so it is going in here” storage area. That needs to stop anyway, so maybe I could carve out a serene power spot away from the computer, printer, AeroGarden, etc.

Is the conference table in the office already a power spot? Probably not because it is often topped with stuff and a large computer. It certainly doesn’t feel very calm. So, if I did create the power spot in the office, it would most likely have to be in a corner that I kept clear and filled with inspiring things.

A Bedroom Corner

Marie Kondo’s power spot is shown in the series. It’s a lovely workstation in her bedroom. As her website reveals, the workstation is “decorated with flowers, crystals, and pictures drawn by her children; it’s a sacred nook where she recharges.” Naturally, this means that she also changes out the flowers to bring in new energy every week. I love this idea, and I know that once the garden is in bloom, we could freshen the flowers from there. But I don’t know that our bedroom has enough space for this kind of station.

Marie Kondo Closet Power Spot

Her next recommendation is to transform space in a large closet. This is intriguing because we have a huge front closet, and it isn’t used as effectively as possible. We also have a large closet in our office – although I currently use it as my clothing closet. Once that gets decluttered and reorganized, could I use the space for both clothing and as a power spot? Marie Kondo recommends that if you are going to do this, “decorate the wall behind your clothes or the inside of the door with images and objects that inspire and delight you.”

And this is where I’m leaning. One of the closets, after its decluttering, is going to become my power spot – even if it is just a small private space to gather my thoughts and plan my next day. Stay tuned for pictures!

P.S. The photo was taken from Nepenthe in Big Sur, California. You bet I’d love that as my Marie Kondo power spot!!