Closet Organization Tips: Poshmark

When I started my journey towards closet organization, most internet tips sent me to ThredUp or eBay. I tried both to varying degrees of success, but I wasn’t really satisfied with either. ThredUp started strong, but while it remains great for buyers, it became pretty useless for sellers (you can read my experiences here). eBay was better for me for selling accessories rather than clothing. So, I decided to investigate the newest thrifting/reselling options and took the closet organization tip to embrace Poshmark.

Here Is My Poshmark Closet:

How Poshmark Helps with Closet Organization

Poshmark makes it very easy to resell your unused/underused clothing. They send you pre-printed shipping labels. They track the sales. They handle the money exchange. So far, I’ve only sold two things, but both transactions went smoothly. Fingers crossed that this continues.

As with all resellers, it crushes my heart a little bit every time I end up selling something for far less than what I paid for it – even when the item was only worn once or is still new with tags. That’s the price I pay for not returning the item right away when I realized it didn’t fit or looked weird on my body. It’s also a great reminder not to buy things unless I’m absolutely sure I want them. That rush of feeling that being able to buy something really is a short-term high unless I can truly use that sweater, those jeans, or that blazer.

How Reselling Helps Me With My 2022 Goals

Not only did I create a decluttering and organization roadmap for 2022, which included diving into numerous closet organization tips I had accumulated in the last two years, I also set a goal for more sustainable living this year. Hopefully, the people who shop my closet on Poshmark will love my new or underused clothing and put them to good use. And by thrifting, those people are reducing the demand on an industry that still relies on fast fashion. Baby steps.