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A New Year Means New Goals

The last time I outlined my goals for this blog was in March 2020. So, I’m understandably a bit nervous about anything involving planning. Still, I’ve decided to show some extremely cautious optimism in my approach to 2022.

Here it goes—

Baking Goals

I’ve very much enjoyed baking again. I loved baking with my mother, and learning to bake new recipes and revisit old ones has been a real bright spot as the pandemic has worn on and on and on and…. You get the idea. This year, I will continue to make the rustic loaves, but I’ll be branching out into baguettes, trying my hand at more complex pastry recipes, and learning to incorporate the fresh vegetables we are growing in our garden.

Gardening Ideas

Speaking of our garden, Andy made huge strides at the end of the summer to get our outdoor space in shape for planting. We still enjoy doing the indoor container garden work, especially for herbs he uses every day for cooking. However, I’m excited to expand our outdoor container gardens this year – even if that only means adding one more crop.

Decluttering and Organization Roadmap

In 2019, I played the 30-Day Minimalism game. It was terrific for focusing on my intentions for less clutter. This year, I want to do another clean-out, but I’m going to approach it from a categories standpoint this time. I will start with my medicine cabinet and then move on to my closet by selling through Poshmark (I have a mini closet already set up) and donations.

Body Movement Plans

I started taking a Qi Gong class in the park in early 2020 that moved to Zoom when everything went south. I’d like to say that I kept up with it, but it fell by the wayside, and I only did it sporadically. I’m hopeful that I can find a way to take either the live zoom class or the recorded class again soon. Even if I only do it a couple of times, it will help me get stronger and find some calm.

Sustainability Goals

Andy and I want to live a more sustainable life. Los Angeles is starting a composting program, so that will help. We are also committed to using fewer plastics, continuing not to buy things mindlessly, and expanding the garden. I’d also like to walk more for short trips, rather than driving. Sure, it’s a hybrid, but still – it would help answer my fitness goals while also reducing the pollution the car does still bring.

That’s it for the first half of 2022. Can I do it? We’ll see!