Oliver Kita Chocolate Gift Boxes Those Someday Goals

The Best Chocolate Gift Boxes

It’s the season for weddings, family celebrations, and gift-giving, which means I have to tell you about one of our favorite chocolate gift boxes. You have to try Oliver Kita Chocolates in Rhinebeck, New York. This isn’t an ad. We aren’t getting paid in money or chocolates. But I was recently reminded of how much I love this chocolate.

Who is Oliver Kita?

Chocolatier Oliver Kita has won numerous awards and trained everywhere from Paris to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. And while the training shows through, it is Oliver’s passion that shines through each piece of perfectly made chocolate.

Chocolate Gift Boxes

I was lucky enough to meet Oliver a few years ago, and we had chocolate gift boxes at each place setting at our wedding. This weekend, I was reminded of that night at another outdoor wedding that also featured perfectly made chocolate hearts at each seat. And now I’m busily plotting out my holiday shopping with their seasonal collections.

Vegan and All-Natural Chocolate Gifts

I’ve only tried a couple of their all-natural chocolate bars, so that is a temptation. The chocolatier also makes vegan chocolate that is wonderfully delicious. However, my eye is definitely drawn to the Studio Collection for gifts.

Chocolate Samples

Oliver Kita Chocolates will deliver chocolate gift boxes, but if you find yourself in Rhinebeck, New York, stop and sample. If you are looking for a piece to start your explorations, ask to sample the Galaxy Way or the Palet d’Olivier. But really, we haven’t had a single bite that we didn’t adore, so you really can’t go wrong. Plus, you’ll get a chance to breathe in the incredible scents that flow through their amazing chocolate shop while you sample.

As Mary Berry, formerly of the Great British Bake Off, would rapturously exclaim: “ooh, that is scrummy!”

Oliver Kita Chocolate Gift Boxes Those Someday Goals

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