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Welcome to Friday!

It’s Friday. You’ve almost made it through another work week that has been filled with requests, uncertainty, continuing threats of Covid, and, hopefully, some feelings of accomplishment. And if the week just sucked, then know that the weekend’s embrace is almost here.

I thought I’d give a wrap-up post a try. I’m not sure this is going to be a consistent thing, but it’s happening this week. Yes, I’m managing both my expectations and yours. In fact, I’m thinking about putting that saying on a t-shirt.

Interior Finished Focaccia Bread Recipe Rosemary Olive Oil Those Someday Goals Baking
Because of the pan I used, this focaccia bread was a bit thicker than if I had used a baking sheet.

Recipes You Might Have Missed

Dutch Oven Beef Stew — Perfect for super cold, snowy days caused by Winter Storm Kenan.

Paul Hollywood’s Baguette Recipe — I didn’t get it perfectly right, but the bread was still delicious. And I’ve left notes so that you don’t make my mistakes if you try it.

Crusty European Hard Rolls — I made them over the holidays, and I loved them enough to want to make more when I have the time.

Quick Focaccia Bread Recipe — the outcome was so delicious that I’m only slightly mad still about the burn I got on my thumb.

No-Knead Rustic Bread — we make this recipe a couple of times of month, and it hasn’t failed us yet (knock wood).

growing tomato plants in raised garden beds Those Someday Goals
Two months after transplanting the seedlings, we were seeing a lot of tomatoes!

Container Garden Tips You Might Have Missed

Growing Tomato Plants from Seeds — it’s time to get those tomato plants started by setting up your seeds in your indoor container gardens. It might not feel like it, but spring is coming!

Growing Sugar Snap Peas in Containers — sugar snap peas grow very quickly and produce for a couple of months.

Empty Pill Bottle Expired Sign How to Declutter Home Quick Tips Those Someday Goals

Decluttering Your Home This Weekend? Start With These Tips

How to Declutter Your Home When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed — Because who isn’t feeling overwhelmed these days?

Creating a Marie Kondo Power Spot — I so wish I could create one in Big Sur where the photo was taken!

Giving Poshmark a Try — I have mixed feelings about this, but I’m diving into a closet organization tips, and it is worth investigating.

Palm Springs California Those Someday Goals
You can’t beat the Palm Springs views.

Desperately In Need of a Palm Springs Staycation? We hear you.

Ready for a Palm Springs Weekend? Omicron is making travel a challenge, again, but if you need to get out of Los Angeles for a couple of days to keep yourself from screaming, we understand. This was the last place we visited before lockdown. It has gone through a remodel, but it’s private bungalows are a terrific way to get away and still not mingle with strangers. We can’t wait to get back.

Stay safe, keep warm, and have a terrific weekend!